A wallet for sending your bitcoins or receiving bitcoins from your friend. This wallet is completely a software technology to store the bitcoins. So this bitcoin wallet is also known as a digital wallet. Transaction of your bitcoins is done by using a private key code. These wallets support bank accounts for online transactions. Interface to interact with a network is offered by the software.

Every detail of every transaction of a bitcoin address is saved and can be seen by the person who owns the balance. As the bitcoin wallet facilitates sending and receiving bitcoins and also gives the owner to owner of the bitcoin balance. These bitcoins are like conventional wallets. Bitcoin wallet means simply money over the internet.

While the private key code is required for the transaction of bitcoins make sure that your private key code, bitcoin address, bitcoin balance are not getting exposed to the public. You should not share your private key code to anyone. To overcome this try to change the address of the bitcoin for every new transaction from the wallet.

As the wallets are of many types, you choose the wallet of your choice. Wallets are mainly categorized into two categories, they are:

Hardware wallets.

Software wallets.

There are some criteria for selecting the best bitcoin wallet:

  • The team should be good for development and marketing.
  • The wallet should be able to have easy to use UI & UX.
  • The compatibility of the should be across different operating systems.

This bitcoin wallet can be used in many forms, there are main types, those are desktop, mobile, web, and hardware. This bitcoin wallet is just an analogous to a physical wallet and the bitcoins are equivalent to cash. Main information like secure private key code, details of transactions and balance of bitcoins after every transaction. Tools are used in the wallets for operating the transaction.

On desktops the wallet is installed on the desktop, this provides complete control to the user for using the wallet. Address for receiving the bitcoins and sending the bitcoins can be created by the user.  A Private key code can be stored by the user. For desktop wallets, an internet connection is required.

There are few best Software wallets, those are BITCOIN CORE, KEEP KEY, ELECTRUM, DROPBIT, BREADWALLET, ATOMIC WALLET. 

  • Bitcoin software is native software, the feature of the wallet is as per your desire. The Core node holds the software. For balancing between power and access this wallet would helpful for you to transact the bitcoins.
  • Electrum is completely based on python software, useful power features are provided in an array. In this wallet invoices creation can be done, set transaction fees, determine expirations, and use change addresses.

Mobile wallets are much preferred over desktop wallets. A mobile wallet can be used easily when compared with desktop wallets. By accessing the wallet on mobile it helps to carry some of the similar functions as a desktop wallet, payment can be done directly from the mobile wallet from any place.

As smartphones are categorized as Android and iPhone. Wallets are also used as per the version of the mobile. For iPhone and drop bit wallets are best for usage. In the case of the android phone’s electrum wallet and mycelium, wallet are preferable.

 Payment will be done by one touch using a QR code scan. This to transfer the bitcoins at any physical store or banking or any other payment purpose. BITCOIN WALLET, HIVE ANDROID, and MYCELIUM WALLETS are some mobile wallets.

In web wallets bitcoins are accepted from a browser or mobile wallet. While selecting the web wallet the selection must be done carefully to secure your private keys as it stores it online. There is two popular web wallet provider, those are coin base and blockchain.

The most secure and best kind of bitcoin wallet is a hardware wallet. This hardware wallet is a physical piece of equipment where bitcoins can be stored. Generally, hardware wallets are carried and can be plugged into a computer or laptop using the USB port. But very few bitcoin thefts have been reported. These hardware bitcoin wallets are not for free.

Securing your bitcoin wallet is essential, and tries to keep safe because there is a high-value target for hacking the bitcoin wallet for hackers. There are some ways to secure the wallet:

Encrypting the wallet with a strong password

Choosing the storage option, to store it offline.

Frequent back up of desktop and mobile wallets.

Bitcoin wallet with high security isn’t easy to find and present. The listed bitcoin is the best choice for business and secure your cryptocurrencies. So Freely you select them of your choice. By bitcoin transaction, you can get of your required amount of privacy. While selecting the bitcoin wallet to take care of a few things and check for better security and safety.



Blockchains are the upcoming technology which is most probably going to replace all out traditional ways of works. Simply put, it is a kind of a massive database which operates through a decentralized, transparent and immutable system. The system is actually made up of blocks which is actually a chain of time stamped digital records which are cryptographically linked together. This means that whatever information there is, it stays within the blockchain itself. It combines a peer to peer network with a public-key encryption. It reduced uncertainty and builds more trust while validating data with really high certainly. 

When it comes to the adult industry, privacy is the top most priority for the customer and the provider. Now, with this ultimate secure and transparent network, people an easily work through the industry without compromising on their privacy. Exploitation is one of the common problems for the workers as they also have no secure way of going about their work. There is no chance of any fraud being committed.  With the blockchain technology, the identity of the adult star and the people consuming it will be protected. 


When it comes to any business transaction and operation, there are always chances of fraud. It can also be so that you don’t get the payment on time or not get it at all. We have to remember that a service is a different scenario than purchasing goods. Under any circumstance, you cannot return the service or ask for any refunds if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Therefore, a customer cannot refuse to pay their share under any conditions. Blockchain keeps a ledger and takes away this very element of uncertainty with the payments of the clients.

However, there are many companies which doesn’t allow the purchase or selling of adult content. These include platforms like PayPal. This means that there is a real necessity for a secure way to exchange goods and services in this particular industry. 

The blockchain technology is actually a very secure way of managing records. In the secure blockchain, it is possible to securely store a universal common healthcare record.  With the help of a decentralized record, there won’t be a need to transfer between and show the HIV status of people. It can be accessed in a secure way. 

It is possible that in the near future, blockchains can provide consumer purchase transparency. This means that people will have the perfect insight into exactly who produced the film, where it was produced, when. It can even show even if it was done ethically.

It is not surprising that some adult companies have already started showing interest in this new technology. They are planning to introduce this entirely new financial ecosystem through blockchains. After all it will prove to be a decentralized secure and safe platform which can’t freeze your account in any form. Your account will be secure without the fear of any fraud and you have safe transactions for the services you are using. 

In fact, the crypto currency is indeed looking into Intimate coin which is a crypto currency. This is aimed to be a go-to coin in the adult market. This will make payments easy while keeping them secure for the user. It is notable that the use of crypto coin has increased for the time being. And it does as rightly as crypto currency may be the ultimate solutions for a number of problems this particular industry is facing. 

The initiative behind the blockchain technology is very appreciable. This means that there won’t be any more exploitation of the workers in this indeed tough industry. 



Ethereum is an open-source block chain based platform which has been created to carry out the trades of the cryptocurrency ETHER. Like Bitcoins, it is traded on exchanges and carries the characteristics of digital currencies stored in digital wallets. Again, Ether is not issued or regulated by government regulated banks or other authorities. 

By the end of this article, you will be able to open a trading account with a recommended broker with a couple of minutes and start trading immediately. 

  • CMC Markets
    CMC markets is known as a multi asset broker. The market has attained experience over 30 years of trading. It is regulated by the strict policies of UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The funds are safe here and are segregated. There is high level security and safety is guaranteed. It is a publicly-traded company on the London Stock Exchange.
    Ethereum futures can be traded in the CMC markets with the use of spread bets or CFD account. The account offers trade on more than 9,000+ trading instruments covering Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Shares etc.
  • It is regulated and publicly traded on the London Stock exchange
  • 9000+ trading assets and instruments.
  • Feature-rich proprietary Next Generation trading platform
  • News and analysis from experts and analysts.


Binance has been known to rule the crypto world and the markets. The market is very comfortable for beginners and excellent for advance users. The beginners will find the site very user friendly. Binance has been ranked in the top 5 exchanges time and again by the CMC. Binance also gives you a feature where you can use BNB tokens to trade. Users will receive 50% discount on their trading fees which is quiet an amount. Binance is one of the easiest apps to use on phones as well. 

  • Bitfinex
    This exchange is one of the oldest sites which offers entry into the trading world of cryptocurrencies. The volume of cryptocurrencies in this site is quiet high. The exchange always ranks among the top 10 on the CMC hence it is definitely reputed. Users are guided by the instructions given by time at every point. Registering on Bitfinex will take time as they make sure to verify your ID and authenticate you as a user. The process as a whole will take up to 10-15 days. It is also available as a mobile app on android and IOS. It is accessible to all countries with an exception of some. 
  • Coinbase
    Another well known and a popular trading site when it comes to cryptocurrencies. You can deposit currencies in the form of USD, EUR. GBP etc. and the app will cash in the cryptocurrencies in your wallet. Coinbase is a very handy app and allows you to by currencies in the most simplest ways. 
  • Bitmex
    Now, this exchange has been made, and is run by professional algorithm traders and developers. It is used extensively by economists as well. Hence, it is one of the crowded exchanges. The site has all the tools and techniques you wish to analyse a cryptocurriency. There are certain tools for beginners to experiment and use too. The registration process is also quite simple on this site. 

Always keep in mind that the exchanges, whichever you might use, are centralized in nature. Which means it is advisable to not hold cryptocurrencies in your wallet for too long. The world of cryptocurrencies is heating up. The youth are running towards this direction everyday. It looks like a revolution in the world of trading technology and financial world.

Best altcoins future trading sites

You must have heard about crypto currencies. Crypto Currencies are built on the blockchain technology which is not only secure but also a faster mode of payment. However, for the normal people it can be a very tricky sector to handle on their own if you don’t have enough knowledge to know where and how and how much you should invest. You can end up in a sticky puddle. But before that the real question arises if you should even invest in crypto currencies. Crypto currency is very volatile market and for the past few years the market has seen its worst downfalls in 2018. However it is starting to take steps and trying to pull itself back on its own feet. It is true that crypto currency has a lot of potential to even replace our traditional payment currencies and payment methods. However it is very pretty mind blogging for someone who is not familiar with crypto currency to properly invest even if they want to. So this is how and where you should invest altcoins in.

So, let’s starts with Ethereum. This is the second most valuable crypto currency after Bitcoin. However you should realize that there is certain difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ethereum has more to offer in addition to being just a digital currency. You can build a blockchain based smart contract and decentralized apps with Ethereum as it provides a platform for developers. It is considering the next big thing as it has a head start as the first crypto currencies which are introduced for smart contracts. As for launching initial coin offering Ethereum is the most preferred platform. In this respect Ethereum is attractive to both developers and Investors. However the biggest challenge it has been facing is scalability. It is predicted that it will increase in the coming years. So where to buy Ethereum? You can purchase Ethereum from any popular exchange. It includes Coinmama, Coinbase or Gemini. In fact many exchanges support credit or debit cards in addition to bank transfer.

Litecoin is one of the oldest altcoins. Basically this is a digital currency but there are many improvements. The ultimate aim of Litecoin was to overcome the shortcomings of bitcoins, specifically its slow transaction speed. In fact Litecoin have a four times faster speed than Bitcoin. It uses the same technology as Bitcoin and can be considered the closest rival of Bitcoin as well. However buying, receiving for sending Litecoin is a complex process. Litecoin does have easy integrations for most E-Commerce platforms. This means that Litecoin do have the potential to become more mainstream oriented and even more promising service around the world. As for buying Litecoin, you can buy it from Kraken, Bitsquare and Coinmama. 

NEO is another Altcoins, which was originally called AntShare. This is also built on a platform which is designed for developing decentralized applications, smart contracts and ICOs. Known as the Chinese Ethereum NEO also follows the footsteps of Ethereum. Apart from the giant sectors you also have Cardano, EOS, and Dash.

Now that we have a list of all the Altcoins exchange or trading sites, it is obvious that all coins are out there in the market. However it is advised that you do your own research and studies before making a final decision to avoid any mistake or mishap. It not done properly, you can even lose your coins.