A wallet for sending your bitcoins or receiving bitcoins from your friend. This wallet is completely a software technology to store the bitcoins. So this bitcoin wallet is also known as a digital wallet. Transaction of your bitcoins is done by using a private key code. These wallets support bank accounts for online transactions. Interface to interact with a network is offered by the software.

Every detail of every transaction of a bitcoin address is saved and can be seen by the person who owns the balance. As the bitcoin wallet facilitates sending and receiving bitcoins and also gives the owner to owner of the bitcoin balance. These bitcoins are like conventional wallets. Bitcoin wallet means simply money over the internet.

While the private key code is required for the transaction of bitcoins make sure that your private key code, bitcoin address, bitcoin balance are not getting exposed to the public. You should not share your private key code to anyone. To overcome this try to change the address of the bitcoin for every new transaction from the wallet.

As the wallets are of many types, you choose the wallet of your choice. Wallets are mainly categorized into two categories, they are:

Hardware wallets.

Software wallets.

There are some criteria for selecting the best bitcoin wallet:

  • The team should be good for development and marketing.
  • The wallet should be able to have easy to use UI & UX.
  • The compatibility of the should be across different operating systems.

This bitcoin wallet can be used in many forms, there are main types, those are desktop, mobile, web, and hardware. This bitcoin wallet is just an analogous to a physical wallet and the bitcoins are equivalent to cash. Main information like secure private key code, details of transactions and balance of bitcoins after every transaction. Tools are used in the wallets for operating the transaction.

On desktops the wallet is installed on the desktop, this provides complete control to the user for using the wallet. Address for receiving the bitcoins and sending the bitcoins can be created by the user.  A Private key code can be stored by the user. For desktop wallets, an internet connection is required.

There are few best Software wallets, those are BITCOIN CORE, KEEP KEY, ELECTRUM, DROPBIT, BREADWALLET, ATOMIC WALLET. 

  • Bitcoin software is native software, the feature of the wallet is as per your desire. The Core node holds the software. For balancing between power and access this wallet would helpful for you to transact the bitcoins.
  • Electrum is completely based on python software, useful power features are provided in an array. In this wallet invoices creation can be done, set transaction fees, determine expirations, and use change addresses.

Mobile wallets are much preferred over desktop wallets. A mobile wallet can be used easily when compared with desktop wallets. By accessing the wallet on mobile it helps to carry some of the similar functions as a desktop wallet, payment can be done directly from the mobile wallet from any place.

As smartphones are categorized as Android and iPhone. Wallets are also used as per the version of the mobile. For iPhone and drop bit wallets are best for usage. In the case of the android phone’s electrum wallet and mycelium, wallet are preferable.

 Payment will be done by one touch using a QR code scan. This to transfer the bitcoins at any physical store or banking or any other payment purpose. BITCOIN WALLET, HIVE ANDROID, and MYCELIUM WALLETS are some mobile wallets.

In web wallets bitcoins are accepted from a browser or mobile wallet. While selecting the web wallet the selection must be done carefully to secure your private keys as it stores it online. There is two popular web wallet provider, those are coin base and blockchain.

The most secure and best kind of bitcoin wallet is a hardware wallet. This hardware wallet is a physical piece of equipment where bitcoins can be stored. Generally, hardware wallets are carried and can be plugged into a computer or laptop using the USB port. But very few bitcoin thefts have been reported. These hardware bitcoin wallets are not for free.

Securing your bitcoin wallet is essential, and tries to keep safe because there is a high-value target for hacking the bitcoin wallet for hackers. There are some ways to secure the wallet:

Encrypting the wallet with a strong password

Choosing the storage option, to store it offline.

Frequent back up of desktop and mobile wallets.

Bitcoin wallet with high security isn’t easy to find and present. The listed bitcoin is the best choice for business and secure your cryptocurrencies. So Freely you select them of your choice. By bitcoin transaction, you can get of your required amount of privacy. While selecting the bitcoin wallet to take care of a few things and check for better security and safety.