Blockchains are the upcoming technology which is most probably going to replace all out traditional ways of works. Simply put, it is a kind of a massive database which operates through a decentralized, transparent and immutable system. The system is actually made up of blocks which is actually a chain of time stamped digital records which are cryptographically linked together. This means that whatever information there is, it stays within the blockchain itself. It combines a peer to peer network with a public-key encryption. It reduced uncertainty and builds more trust while validating data with really high certainly. 

When it comes to the adult industry, privacy is the top most priority for the customer and the provider. Now, with this ultimate secure and transparent network, people an easily work through the industry without compromising on their privacy. Exploitation is one of the common problems for the workers as they also have no secure way of going about their work. There is no chance of any fraud being committed.  With the blockchain technology, the identity of the adult star and the people consuming it will be protected. 


When it comes to any business transaction and operation, there are always chances of fraud. It can also be so that you don’t get the payment on time or not get it at all. We have to remember that a service is a different scenario than purchasing goods. Under any circumstance, you cannot return the service or ask for any refunds if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Therefore, a customer cannot refuse to pay their share under any conditions. Blockchain keeps a ledger and takes away this very element of uncertainty with the payments of the clients.

However, there are many companies which doesn’t allow the purchase or selling of adult content. These include platforms like PayPal. This means that there is a real necessity for a secure way to exchange goods and services in this particular industry. 

The blockchain technology is actually a very secure way of managing records. In the secure blockchain, it is possible to securely store a universal common healthcare record.  With the help of a decentralized record, there won’t be a need to transfer between and show the HIV status of people. It can be accessed in a secure way. 

It is possible that in the near future, blockchains can provide consumer purchase transparency. This means that people will have the perfect insight into exactly who produced the film, where it was produced, when. It can even show even if it was done ethically.

It is not surprising that some adult companies have already started showing interest in this new technology. They are planning to introduce this entirely new financial ecosystem through blockchains. After all it will prove to be a decentralized secure and safe platform which can’t freeze your account in any form. Your account will be secure without the fear of any fraud and you have safe transactions for the services you are using. 

In fact, the crypto currency is indeed looking into Intimate coin which is a crypto currency. This is aimed to be a go-to coin in the adult market. This will make payments easy while keeping them secure for the user. It is notable that the use of crypto coin has increased for the time being. And it does as rightly as crypto currency may be the ultimate solutions for a number of problems this particular industry is facing. 

The initiative behind the blockchain technology is very appreciable. This means that there won’t be any more exploitation of the workers in this indeed tough industry.